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Generate a Unique Coupon Code for your giveaway campaign using Viral Loops and Nexweave | KonnectzIT

Written by KumarLast update 3 years ago

Personalised Sales in Action using Workflow Automation.

We often talk a lot on the above topic and how you can attract more customers using automation.

Imagine a customer gets a personalised content(with their name on an image) delivered to their inbox!

Don’t you feel amazed?

Or even excited when you receive such type of image on your inbox?

And these all can be done through automation, that’s the beauty.

We have made a tutorial to guide you on “How you can engage your customers with dynamic & personalised content using automation”.

Platforms Used: 

  1. Viral Loops,
  2. Coupon Generator - KonnectzIT,
  3. Nexweave,
  4. API/HTTP Module - KonnectzIT,
  5. Text Formatter - KonnectzIT,
  6. Gmail.

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