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Share Personalised Bills in Whatsapp Using Nexweave | konnectzIT

Written by KumarLast update 3 years ago

Building Multi-Step Workflows are bringing CONFUSION with the ladder method in existing automation solutions. 

Not in KonnectzIT. 

In this tutorial, we’ve used multiple applications and merge them to achieve the workflow which is to “Get order via chatbot create a personalised bill image add the details on Google Sheets add subscribers on Kirim.Email  send the bill to the customer via WhatsApp.” 

It can all be achieved through workflow automation, and you don’t have to get confused or frustrated while building this kind of automation when you have a visual builder available on KonnectzIT. 

Check this video and know how you can process an order in an automated manner using KonnectzIT. 

Let us know how you feel using a visual builder on KonnectzIT instead of ladder automation building techniques.

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