Basic konnectz section overview

Written by KumarLast update 3 years ago

Konnectz is a task automation flow where you can drag & drop multiple applications to initiate a trigger and its actions using a visual builder.

It acts as an index of all Konnectz that you’ve created on our automation platform where you can edit, activate or delete anyone based on your needs.


Click on “Create Konnectz” button on the top-right corner of the page for new konnectz; it will take you to our workspace(i.e. Visual builder).

To configure the existing konnectz, click the three-dotted button at the end of every konnectz and it will give options to edit or delete or activate/deactivate a konnectz.


Use the search bar at the top of the page to find ant konnectz based on the app name.

We hope this article shows the overview of konnectz section. If you have any questions or doubts on this topic, contact our support team using the chat window on the right-bottom corner of the website.

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