Integrate Notion with KonnectzIT using a API Token.

Rakesh Mahesh
Written by Rakesh MaheshLast update 10 months ago

KonnectzIT can only access any Notion databases that have been shared with your bot integration.

  1. In Notion, click "Settings & Members" on the left sidebar as shown below:

  2.  In the dialog box popup, click on "My Connections" and then click on Develop or manage integrations as shown below:

  3. On "my-integrations" page click on "+ Create new Integration" to add your integration:

  4. Add Name & Logo (Optional) and click on "Submit" to create new integration

  5. Copy the "API Token" on Secrets Tab

  6. On KonnectzIT "Apps" page search for Notion App and Click on the Notion App

  7. Clicking on "Add Account" will open a dialog box to add the API Token, Paste the copied API token here and click on "Yes Continue" to save:

  8. Now After saving the API token head back to Notion page to give permission for your integration, Select your page and click on "..." on top right corner as shown below:

  9. Select "Add Connections" in the dropdown menu, and ensure to select the integration you added.

  10. On the Dialog box click on Confirm to give access to the pages for your integration:

    Now Continue with KonnectzIT to "Automate & Chill" 😀

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