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Matching the AppSumo'S LTD elements for our early adopters.

Written by KumarLast update 2 years ago

A Message for our Early Adopter Lifetime Deal Holders.

aka. our early supports.

If you have,

  1. Purchased our early adopter yearly deal and upgraded them into a lifetime deal or,
  2. If you have purchased our early adopter lifetime deal.

Then you can avail this opportunity and get more benefits from the AppSumo lifetime campaign as being an early adopter of the KonnectzIT platform. 

Kindly take some time to read this post clearly( if you are an EAP lifetime deal holder and want to get more benefits).

[NOTE: This offer is available for early adopters lifetime deal holders only.]

With this wonderful chance, you can do either two or both two things on KonnectzIT's AppSumo LTD at a discounted price. 

  1. Matchup LTDs,
  2. Upgrading LTDs.

Matching up LTDs is one way of adding more tasks to your KonnectzIT account at a discounted price(even less when compared to the regular LTD price).

Upgrading LTDs are another way of getting more an early adopter by advancing to the next LTD deal at a discounted price.

Let me explain these things using use case scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Rakesh brought 3 stacks of KonnectzIT's yearly deal and updated them into a lifetime deal when KonnectzIT launched their early adopter campaign. Now he wants to merge those stacks into one team plan lifetime deal.

For this, he has to pay 90$ extra to merge those stacks into a team plan LTD deals. Instead, he can only pay 49$ and get 3k tasks extra on his account for getting into the team plan with early adopter LTD.

Others have to 297$ to buy a team LTD deal on AppSumo and since Rakesh already stacked 3 PRO lifetime deals on our early adopter campaign, he can save a lot while purchasing an LTD deal.

Scenario 2: 

Rakesh brought 4 PRO plan stacks on KonnectzIT's early adopter lifetime deal and now he wants to upgrade those stacks into an Agency deal.

As per the image above, merging four pro plans can make it up with AppSumo's team plan(by matching the LTDs - from scenario 1). If Rakesh wants to upgrade that team plan to an agency plan, he will get 20% off on the next AppSumo deal while upgrading.

***20% off is available for users who bought LTD from KonnectzIT***

Scenario 3:

What if Rakesh brought 3 codes from KonnectzIT's early adopter campaign and he brought 297$ team plan from AppSumo but didn't match up(scenario 1)?

Rakesh will get 27k monthly tasks from both with AppSumo's team plan & EAP's pro plan.

Scenario 4:

What if Rakesh brought 3 codes from KonnectzIT's early adopter campaign earlier and match up with the AppSumo plan then he upgrades his deal to the agency plan?

Rakesh will get 40k tasks and his subscription will get upgraded into the Agency plan.

We hope this article helps you to learn about the matching LTD & upgrading process on AppSumo's LTD campaign. If you still have questions or doubts about this topic, contact our support team using the chat window on the right-bottom corner of the website.

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