Additional data fields that can be used on automation.

Written by KumarLast update 3 years ago

Attributes are nothing but additional data that can be used on your task automation inside KonnectzIT platform.

Since KonnectzIT is providing deep integration with every possible app in the integration library, we have more data fields on apps that you can use to automate.

Let’s take Calendly app as an example to explain this attributes feature inside KonnectzIT platform.

Step 1: Navigate to KonnectzIT’s workspace/visual builder and click the hamburger menu on the top-left corner of the page. 

Step 2: Then search for “Calendly” app and drag that into your workspace to proceed further.


Step 3: Now configure the calendly app card to initiate an event trigger as shown in the image below


Step 4: Now, click that bright yellow “Test & Review” button on Calendly app card inside your workspace.

Step 5: Event trigger has been tested & reviewed, and demo data will get populated on the respective fields like name, email, etc. as shown below


You will get the plus(+) icon on the bottom of the card, and that is the way to get attributes(additional data/information) for this Calendly app.

Step 6: Click the plus(+) button, and you will get the popup as shown below


Step 7: Choose the required attributes for your workflow and click the “OK” button to add them on your workspace.



You can use them by mapping these data to other apps on workflow with the help of connectors.

We hope this article helps you understand the test & review feature inside KonnectzIT platform. If you have any questions or doubts on this topic, contact our support team using the chat window on the right-bottom corner of the website.

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