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A general overview of the apps section

Written by KumarLast update 3 years ago

A place where you can find a whole list of apps that can be integrated with KonnectzIT to automate your workflow efficiently. This section contains different kind of apps like CRM, email Responder, form builder, chatbot platform, event scheduling, analytics and lot more.

Here you can find three kinds of applications,

  1. Authorised Apps,
  2. API Integration Apps,
  3. Webhooks Integration Apps.


In this “Apps” section,

  • Authorised Apps - Already authorised(integrated) with your KonnectzIT account,

  • API Integration Apps - Also mentioned as “Authorize Now” on the platform which is basically a non-authorised application that you can integrate with Connect it using API key methods.

  • Webhooks Integration Apps - They are also non-authorized apps but you have to integrate them with KonnectzIT using webhook methods.

There are other built-in apps inside KonnectzIT, but you can find them here in this “Apps” section. They can be found inside the Konnectz builder because you don’t have to do any authorization with these kinds of add-on applications.


We hope this article helps you to learn about the “Apps” section on our platform. If you still have questions or doubts in this topic, contact our support team using the chat window on the right-bottom corner of the website.

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