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Add-on apps are available inside KonenctzIT to help users with personalized data transfers with workflow automation

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Automating data transfer and workflows doesn’t mean to be sound scripted & robotic. Add-on apps inside KonnectzIT are used to customize & personalize the workflow automation outputs to make it sound even better & humane.

Our automation platform has multiple add-on applications and we are adding more on this list to help our users build automation easily & effectively.

KonnectzIT’s add-on apps are,

  • Formatters,

  • Coupon Generator,

  • API/HTTP Module

You can find these add-on apps at the bottom of apps list inside the workspace.


Each & every add-on app is responsible for different operations like formatting, generation, and integrations like,

Text Formatter - Used to combine & personalize the texts inside workflow automation,

Number Formatter - Used to personalize number, phone number, currency & perform arithmetic operations,

Date Formatter - Used to format the date used inside workflow automation,

Coupon Generator - Used to create and distribute coupon codes along with task automation without spending money on third-party applications,

API / HTTP Module - Used to integrate any online applications which are not available inside our library using API & Webhooks.


These add-on apps are explained in detail as separate knowledge-base articles.

We hope this article helps you to know about add-on app inside KonnectzIT. If you still have questions or doubts in this topic, contact our support team using the chat window on the right-bottom corner of the website.

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