Active Campaign x Facebook Lead Ads

Add or Update ActiveCampaign Contacts with New Facebook Lead Ads leads

Written by KumarLast update 3 years ago

Stop Struggling on Collecting Email Subscribers and Start DOING THIS. 

Using KonnectzIT,

The number of businesses that started running Facebook ads is increasing every day. 

But how many of them are using the data efficiently collected via ads? 

Very few. 

Most of them failed because they 

1. Keep data unorganized, 

2. Find it difficult to transfer data to other platforms manually, 

3. Make errors while passing on lead info from Facebook ads to other place/platform. 

Some of them are working on a smart way of automating the whole process to get rid of the above problems. 

Check this video showing how you can automate paid ads journey and reap more benefits using automation.

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