Integrate tawk.to with KonnectzIT using a webhook.

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tawk.to is a live chat software use to communicate with your website visitors instantly.

On KonnectzIT tawk.to is a webhook app, and it can be integrated with our automation platform by following the below instructions:

  1. Drag & drop tawk.to application on our visual flow builder and choose the required app event.
  2. Copy the webhook URL.
  3. Go to tawk.to settings using the side menu.
  4. On the settings menu, look out for "webhooks" and click the "+ Create Webhook" button.
  5. Now give your webhook a name and paste the URL that you've copied from the KonnectzIT platform on the "Endpoint URL" field.
  6. Choose any events based on your requirement and hit the "Save" button.
  7. Now go to your website and test the webhook response based on the events you choose while creating a webhook on tawk.to.
    • Initiate the chat if you choose "Chat Start" as an event,
    • Complete the chat if you choose "Chat End" as an event,
    • Raise a ticket if you choose "New Ticket" as an event.
  8. Now, go to KonnectzIT and click "Capture webhook response" on the tawk.to app, you choose for automation.
  9. Data will be populated and ready for you to use in the workflow.

Check the video to see how you can integrate tawk.to with KonnectzIT:

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